“Like all the fools who play it smart. Lose your head just for your heart”

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Copeland was an American rock band, originally formed in 2001 by singer Aaron Marsh (who also plays the guitar, mellotron, organ, and piano) with his friend, bassist and backup singer James Likeness, in the city of Lakeland, Florida. Aaron Marsh attended a performing arts high school, Harrison Arts Center. Bryan Laurenson, guitarist, and Jonathan Bucklew, drummer (who took the place of Rusty, ex-drummer of Copeland and drummer on Beneath Medicine Tree) give the band an original sound. In 2002, they signed a record deal with independent label The Militia Group and released their debut album Beneath Medicine Tree a year later. In 2004, 2005, and 2006 they performed at the annual Cornerstone Florida Festival in Orlando, Florida. In Motion, Copeland’s second full length CD, was released on March 22, 2005. It was produced by Matt Goldman and Aaron Marsh, and mixed by Ken Andrews.

So, here is a band that if you were to mention their name, many and i mean many would go, huh? Copeland is one of the best band, if not the best of bands to me. Their songs, rhythm and lyrics speaks originality and uniqueness. Though I’ve only come to know of them end of last year, they have touched a part of me in a short time and I found myself hooked on to their songs within the first song that I hear from them, ( brightest
). Sadly, they are breaking up due to reasons of their own and they are currently on a farewell tour and I was lucky enough to went to their concert in Damansara, on last Sunday. The concert was truly amazing and breath-taking, Aaron Marsh’s voice, live, was simply soothing. Towards the end of the concert, when they performed ‘Brightest’, it really hit me hard that they are breaking up..I was lucky much to get their autographs and a photo with Aaron, but it is still devastating to know of this fact, but as John said to me when he was signing his autograph on my poster, he said..

there are happy times and there are sad times.

life goes on.


back to school, in a different shoe.

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The pre-practicum has been going on for a week or so as of now and I have to say, it is indeed very beneficial for me. Having to be in a teacher’s shoes for a change certainly made me open my eyes wider. Now realizing, how much a teacher actually endure during their school hours. I know that what I am feeling is just a glimpse of what they feel, but to share a room with them and to see their expressions, which said it all. Considering I’m still in my early days, I hope to gain more experience along the ride, since I have to this, might as well make use of it, right? I have about 2 more weeks or so to go, and what I can say apart from the report things is that the bonds between me and teachers, and the bond between me and the students is going to the right direction, I now find myself with more work to do and somehow it felt good to be back at school. I mean, 5 wonderful years was spent there and it’s nice to sit and reminisce all the good and even the not so good times.

my hair is turning into white in colour, as I type.

glory glory,

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Epl had come to an end, for now. Seeing Chelsea winning the league was really appalling but truth be told, they deserve every success that they earned. They have been a class of their own; I mean 103 goals in a season? That’s just amazing and a great big fear to every other clubs in the league. I, a man united fan, would congratulate them. They won and we’ve lost this time around but beware of next season, we want our trophy back!

glory glory, man united.

portraying dreams through a kick,

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A couple of months back, the sports and recreational program had organized an inter-program (faculty of Education) futsal tournament. Alfian, Arman, Ku , Redza and myself played our heart out for the name of our beloved TESL. Unfortunately the many amount of games and having no substitutes dented our hopes of qualifying the group stages, a point more and we would have made it through but that was the end of our fight. I have to say how proud I was with my fellow team-mates, as it seems that TESL never took part in this tournament and we were the first ever to so. It was great playing for TESL, though we didn’t go the final and become winners but we were already winners at heart. Till the next tournament, I hope Luke will get well soon and join us back on the court once more.

One step, at a time.

the route that played out the path,

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above is the link to our video project.

it was a great fun yet knowledgeably fruitful to have done the video. It was an honourable privilege to have been a part of the group that consists of Ku Mohd Azrie, Luke Kenny Doring, Farah Qilah, Joy Gracia, Alfian Asmi , Zainur Redza and myself.

I truly hope that this video is able to portray what it really is,

for the sweats of our team work, we say.
Life is what you make of it.

Graphics and Education.

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We tend to see the artwork of graffiti on the street walls, some may say this is an uncivilized act but I personally disagree. Due to the lack-lustre support of life itself, some of these really good piece of art are not taken highly to what it deserves. We see many artworks are never recognised, solely because of the lack of open-mindedness. By giving knowledge on what graphics is all about, would be a great stepping stone. Graphics are visual presentation presentations on some surface, such as a wall, canvas, computer screen, paper, or stone to brand, inform, illustrate, or entertain. Examples are photographs, drawings, Line Art, graphs, diagrams, typography, numbers, symbols, geometric designs, maps, engineering drawings, or other images. Graphics often combine text, illustration, and color. Graphic design may consist of the deliberate selection, creation, or arrangement of typography alone, as in a brochure, flier, poster, web site, or book without any other element. Clarity or effective communication may be the objective, association with other cultural elements may be sought, or merely, the creation of a distinctive style. Graphic education provides teachers and other educators with unique, time-saving resources by facilitating students’ conceptual development in an exciting way.Graphic Education is about the production and supply of quality teaching resources produced by teachers for teacher and student classroom use. There are 2 types of graphic which are analogical and organization. Also, there are 5 elements of graphic and they are space, line, surface, shape and form. With the many speciality that graphics bring, it would be proper indeed to slit in the subject of graphics in between lessons. To know more, it does not hurt now, doesn’t it?

Photography in Education.

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Education has been part of the life’s circling system. Education have grew through the history of time, parallel to civilization and modernization. Various of diversity and efforts have been applied in education, in trying to shape the best out of every of those who are a part of the learning process. Seemingly, photography is a popular subject, nowadays. It is not alien to see individuals of all ages with a set of camera in their hands. A camera, by definition is an apparatus for taking photographs, generally consisting of a lightproof enclosure having an aperture with a shuttered lens through which the image of an object is focused and recorded on a photosensitive film, plate, or sensor. On top of that, a camera is also is a part of a television transmitting apparatus that receives the primary image on a light-sensitive cathode-ray tube and transforms it into electrical impulses. Photography helps us to appreciate the beauty of life that some tends to neglect. By the artwork of photography that portrays reality, an art as well as a scientific closure; it captures and reproduces reality to its fullness. Its services span the range of human needs, both practical and emotional. It plays a a rather pivotal role in a man’s life, as it helps capturing the a moment, an event and well basically the beauty of living. The ability to capture a moment and transfer it in into a piece would be a great deal of benefits, as it helps us not to to forget, what the world is all about.